October 13th – October 21st

2842 Crockett Springs Rd, Shawsville, VA 24162

Are you looking for a place to celebrate Sukkot? Melo HaGoyim Learning Center is accepting deposits for Sukkot 2019. We have secured the above camp site which has indoor accommodations and tent sites. Indoor rooms are limited, so if you would like to tabernacle with MHG this year, please hit the donate button below and send your deposit: $100 for a family (two or more people) and $50 for singles. We serve 2 meals per day (The cost for meals is not included in the lodging fee.)

$5 per day/ age 12 & up    $2.50 per day/ age 3-11 Free/age 0-2


Activities Include, but not limited to:
* Live Praise and Worship Daily
* Torah Team Competitions
* Youth program and activities i.e. arts and crafts
* Men of Integrity Prayer Breakfast
* Women of YAH Prayer Breakfast
* Hebrew Worship Dance
* Financial Fitness Session
* Daily Teachings with in-depth midrash (discussions)
* Morning Prayer
* Open Mic Night
* Tzit Tzit Tying Classes
* Outdoor activities like Family Fun Day, and more….

Come and celebrate this time of the Feast of Ingathering as we rejoice in the Greatness of our Elohim and in His Set-Apart Times as prescribed in Leviticus 23. You will not be disappointed.

Please visit this page within the next few weeks for complete details on the full nine-day pricing chart. A registration form will be posted along with those details.

All Sukkot reservations must come through MHG Learning Center. Please do not contact the camp to reserve, as they will refer you back to our team of experts. Thank you for your cooperation.