Are you new to the Torah Walk? Just trying to find information on how to keep the Sabbath according to Scriptural Standards opposed to traditional standards? You have visited the right place. How Do I Keep The Sabbath 

What is the Shema? Why do we say the Shema every Sabbath? This declaration of belief has been passed down for generations; from the mouth of the prophet Moshe until now, the house of Israel declares their believe in the One, True, and Living Elohim of our fathers, Abraham, Yitshaq and Ya’acob.

What is Salvation? This question has been asked throughout the ages. Is it some pie in the sky idea that we as the people of Elohim will float away and dwell literally in the puffy clouds with Yahshua? Or is it the literal meaning of the word, to be saved from something?

Who are the two houses of Israel? What is the historical background of the house of Israel? When was Israel whole and when was it two nations? When will it be one again? How does this relate to us as the people of YAH today?

What are Bitter Root Judgements? Why are there generational curses? What is the difference between Iniquity & Transgression: How to Break the Curse.

What does Melo HaGoyim mean? The words that were given to Yospeh concerning his youngest son Ephraim were a prophetic picture of the complete house of Israel. Bringing together the promise of YAH to our father Abraham through Messiah Yahshuah. This phrase speaks to the harvesting of the seed of Abraham out of the earth.

Are women called to ministry and leadership roles? Every day women must deal with issues concerning how we measure up to men. The truth is we really should not have to and are not suppose to in the Scriptural sense of the Word of Yah. The measurement was set by The Most High in the garden, thus different roles and the protocol is very clear.